Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, openly rejects her boyfriend due to offensive comments


Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy who prioritizes family, ended her relationship with her partner, a TV journalist, following his obscene remarks that resulted in the suspension of his show. In the comments, he groped his genital area while making advances toward a co-host, posing as a “threesome or foursome.”

Meloni announced her separation from Andrea Giambruno, the father of their 7-year-old daughter, on social media on Friday.

“This concludes my nearly ten-year relationship with Andrea Giambruno,” Meloni posted on Mediaset two days after a video of him acting indecently during a commercial break of the well-liked Striscia la Notizia program went viral.

“I am grateful to him for the wonderful years we shared, the challenges we faced, and for giving me our daughter Ginevra, the most significant thing in my life.”

Through his representative, Giambruno stated on Friday that he had “agreed” with Mediaset that his show will be canceled following the controversy. When the Friday afternoon show was being taped, he was not sitting in the anchor chair. Mediaset said that they were “investigating the facts” of Giambruno’s purported actions to CNN affiliate SKY24.

Giambruno is heard asking a female co-host if she has a boyfriend in the clip, which was recorded live during a commercial break and uploaded to the show’s website and social media pages. The co-host responds that she does and that he had already asked her earlier.

Then, according to the program’s footage, he asks her if she wants to have group sex and asks if it’s okay if he touches his genital area while speaking to her. Throughout his remarks, the co-host can be seen glancing down at his desk.

The late politician Silvio Berlusconi’s media outlet, Mediaset, has long faced criticism for airing sexist material and for frequently releasing behind-the-scenes films of their well-liked show.

“The time has come to acknowledge that our paths have diverged for a while,” Meloni wrote in her social media statement. At all costs, I will stand up for a seven-year-old child who loves her mother and father, just as I was never able to love mine. I will also defend our friendship and what we once were.

Meloni’s memoirs states that her father was a drug addict who served time in jail. Numerous members of her coalition, such as her own political group Brothers of Italy, Interior Minister Antonio Tajani, and Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini, tweeted “hugs” in support of her personal suffering.

“I have nothing else to say about this,” she continued, requesting that her detractors refrain from trying to take advantage of her domestic issues.

Previously, Giambruno made the prime minister look foolish by implying that if the girls had abstained from alcohol, a wave of gang rapes of young women may have been avoided.

“You have every right to get wasted if you go dancing,” he declared on his TV show, which Mediaset canceled this week when a video of him acting inappropriately surfaced online.

“However, if you don’t get wasted and pass out, maybe you’ll also stay out of trouble, because that’s when you’ll find the wolf.”

Giambruno’s remarks regarding violence against women prompted Meloni to respond that he had been “misunderstood.”

“He’s been misinterpreted. I don’t instruct him what to say because I think there should be press freedom,” she remarked.

Despite not having married Giambruno, Meloni has drawn a lot of criticism for her emphasis on traditional families as well as for her efforts to restrict the rights of same-sex parents by outlawing surrogacy and removing one parent’s name from birth certificates in places where her political party holds the majority.

Meloni’s political party and representatives did not respond to calls, texts, or emails seeking comment. Giambruno did not reply to a text. The public affairs office of Mediaset confirmed the suspension of his show, although they did not provide an explanation.

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